Natasha is often asked the following questions...

+ Are you a good speaker?

That’s a fair question to ask. The first time I gave a big speech was during my high school graduation to an audience of approximately 1,500 attendees. It resulted in two standing ovations. There weren't many dry eyes in the house. My professional development training at the United States Naval Academy, along with numerous speaking engagements to diverse audiences while serving as an officer in the Marine Corps, has equipped me to connect with people and present critical information in a practical way. While attending seminary, I learned the importance of teaching and presenting the Bible with integrity and in proper context. From being a teenager until now, I have continued to speak to diverse audiences shaping messages of truth, hope, love, and inspiration. I speak because I believe God has given me something to say, and because I enjoy having interesting and life giving conversations.

+ What should we expect?

I speak on topics that are important to me, so the most unique thing I bring to the table is my passion. I am passionate about leadership, mentoring and discipleship, reconciliation, and encouraging hearers to think theologically and to develop a Christian worldview. I am passionate about teaching and sharing the Word of God, and lending a voice to biblical justice efforts surrounding equality of opportunity, education, and anti-human trafficking awareness. As a Naval Academy graduate and a Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary trained leader, you will hear from a well-rounded, compassionate, and professional speaker who thinks theologically, engages communally, and lives biblically. My messages are authentic to the realities of my upbringing, education, and diverse community networks. Occasionally, I’m funny (but that’s normally by accident).

+ What is your desire as a speaker?

My desire is to engage the hearts of people with the truth of God’s Word. I am humbled by any opportunity I have to share the Word of God, and spend the time to pray and prepare for every speaking opportunity. I ask the Holy Spirit to do what only he can in the hearts and minds of the hearers, and I avail myself as an instrument for his ministry. Power for real life change is found in the Word of God and through the work of the Holy Spirit. My goal is to present His Word as accurately, simply, effectively and compassionately as I can.

+ Who is your audience? What types of engagements are you interested in?

I have numerous positive experiences speaking with generationally and culturally diverse audiences. I engage both men and women in professional, academic, and ministry environments. This engagement includes: seminary lectures; Bible teaching; conference speaking; workshop presentations; facilitating panel discussions, leadership training and consulting, mentoring, team building; and spiritual retreats. As a former representative for the U.S. Naval Academy Office of Admissions, I also have significant experience in speaking with high school, college students, and young adults all across the country about the importance of education, leadership, mentorship, character building, and making good life choices. I am passionate about encouraging the next generation of Christian leaders. Please refer to my speaking topics for specific messages and points of interest. Given a six month window for a speaking confirmation, I can prayerfully craft specific messages for your audience or event. The additional research and study hours may be a consideration for our honorarium discussion.

+ What should we know about you?

I am a lifelong learner. I read extensively. I like meeting new people. I like to listen, observe, and then engage them in conversations. I believe that the Bible and the message of the gospel are relevant for today. I want to use biblical teaching and principles to help people see God more clearly, know and understand their purpose in Christ Jesus more fully, and love their neighbors more deeply.

+ What about payment? Do you charge a speaking fee?

I am a self-employed writer, unpaid worker for several nonprofits (including my own, Leadership LINKS, Inc.), and the mother of a young child, so my husband and I prayerfully consider each speaking request and how the opportunity aligns with my calling and our family responsibilities. When making a speaking request, please be prepared to cover all expenses regarding transportation, lodging, and per diem for meals. We can then come to an agreement on an honorarium that your budget can afford.