Mentor for Life: Finding Purpose through Intentional Discipleship


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Churches are filled with good ministry programming—classes, outreach events, and an endless selection of activities. Yet many neglect the fundamental mission of the church: Making Disciples.

"Mentor For Life" helps you to develop:

  • a mentoring relationship that functions communally in small groups that are diverse and inclusive;

  • a mentoring framework with a theological focus on knowing and loving God, our identity in Christ, and how to love our neighbor, and

  • a solid, theologically based Christian worldview.

Filled with examples and stories, this resource gives you the training you need to disciple others as a foundation for kingdom service.

With a foreword by Efrem Smith and an afterword by Elisa Morgan, "Mentor for Life" is getting glowing reviews.

See what pastors, academics, leaders, and practitioners are saying about this book:  


In her book, "Mentor for Life: Finding Purpose through Intentional Discipleship," Natasha Robinson carefully sets forth a very powerful and practical way that this is done. While it is written with women primarily in mind, it is a welcome gift for the whole Body of Christ.”

-Bishop (Dr.) Claude Alexander, Jr., Senior Pastor of The Park Church in Charlotte, NC

“Natasha has not only written a very fine book about mentoring, she actually serves as a mentor for us, her readers. This volume is an expert guide, a model, a voice to give us the courage to respond to Jesus' call to make disciples. May each of us follow her lead, and in response, lead others in fruitful discipleship.”

-Tracy Balzer, Director of Christian Formation, John Brown University

“Bold and wise, "Mentor for Life" is an intentional discipleship guide for the women who officially or unofficially lead others. With refreshing boldness, this book trains and equips leaders for a great purpose.”

- Sarah Bessey, author of "Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith" and "Jesus Feminist"

“Spiritual growth is something we do by ourselves and is between us and God.” That’s a very American thought, but actually it has nothing to do with biblical Christianity. Natasha Sistrunk Robinson explains clearly, not only why Christians need to mentor and be mentored, but how to best go about it. The information in “Mentor for Life” will revolutionize your spiritual life.”

-Shane Blackshear, Host of Podcast: Seminary Dropout,

“With passion and clarity, Natasha Sistrunk Robinson has presented a case for mentorship that conveys both the urgency of the mission and a vision for execution. Jesus’ call to make disciples goes much deeper than merely transferring the information contained within the gospel. It requires an active commitment to living out the gospel with one another. "Mentor for Life" is written with the real world in mind, and provides a framework that is relevant to real people. If you want to intentionally engender a stronger faith in yourself and others, Robinson has offered up a valuable resource. “

-Richard Clark, Managing Editor, Leadership Journal, Christianity Today

"Mentor for Life" Finding Purpose through Intentional Discipleship" is a must read for anyone who is serious about developing and deepening those they mentor. Robinson does not speak in theory but writes from her own personal experiences in being mentored as well as mentoring others. I should know—I was one of her mentors at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Natasha is not only biblically solid in her writing. Robinson doesn’t just show us “the city on the hill” but gives a constructive roadmap on how to get there when it comes to mentoring. If you are serious about mentoring—then start here.”

-Rodney L. Cooper, Ph.D, Professor of Discipleship and Leadership, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Charlotte


“With clear focus on Jesus’ priorities, Natasha leads us to love God, to love others and to make disciples. She demonstrates that this kind of growth and maturity in the child of God happens best in a mentoring relationship. Foundational reasoning and practical teaching and examples make this a fabulous tool for any church or ministry desiring to build multiplying disciples.”

-Judy Douglass, Global Leadership and Director, Women’s Resources, Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ)

“There is no higher calling upon an individual believer, or more accurate measure of his or her spiritual maturity than the practice of reproducing Christ-like faith in the life of another. In "Mentor for Life," Natasha thinks deeply, writes passionately, and challenges practically with the goal of helping you pursue and fulfill the Great Commission one life at a time.”

-Dr. Mark DeYmaz, Directional Leader, Mosaic Church of Central AR; author of "MIX-Transitioning Your Church to Living Color"; President of the Mosaix Global Network

"Mentor for Life" is a wonderful resource for women. Natasha’s passion for mentorship and discipleship is both challenging and contagious. This is a great book that will encourage, challenge and equip women to think more theologically about mentorship and discipleship and will hopefully move them into action.”­

-Lesley Hildreth, Assistant Director of Women’s Life at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Natasha has laid out a vision for mentoring that incorporates women of all generations, life circumstances, and cultures. The emphasis on mentoring within a group is incredibly helpful, and it invites mutual, intentional relationships where everyone leaves knowing God, themselves, and one another better. The questions included throughout the book make this an excellent tool to use in a mentoring small group, especially for those looking to start mentoring groups in their church. I’m inspired by Robinson’s empowering message, and I’m confident that other women will be, too. May we invest in mentoring the women in our lives to follow Jesus with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength.”

-Amy Jackson, Managing Editor of, Christianity Today

“Natasha Sistrunk Robinson is a truth-teller and the truth is, we need truth-tellers. In her book, "Mentor for Life: Finding Purpose through Intentional Discipleship," you will encounter a fundamental truth: We all need mentors as we make our way through this messy complicated world. Read this book and be encouraged.”

-Dr. Frank A. James III, President, Biblical Theological Seminary

“To know my friend Natasha is to know a woman whose heart is compelled by the church, deep – rooted – community, relationships that matter, and a palpable love of Jesus. So it no wonder that she has written this book. A book that compels us, man and woman alike, to go beyond the superficial and be brave. Brave enough to mentor. Brave enough to be led. And brave enough to be transformed into the image of Christ for the sake of others. I am grateful for this book, and look forward to sharing it with my daughters when they grow up!”

-Eddie Kaufholz, writer, Co-Host of the RELEVANT Podcast, and Speaker for International Justice Mission

“In a culture that prides itself on individual strength, growth, and determination, Natasha Robinson invites the reader to imagine the Kingdom vision of the Bible – communal strength. Robinson invites the church to commit to leaning into one another by making disciples and mentoring emerging leaders. Robinson gives a clear and engaging articulation of what a healthy model of mentoring and discipleship looks like in the local church. Not only does Robinson make a strong Biblical and theological case for mentoring and discipleship, she also inspires the reader to implement the models laid out in the book. I personally am excited to see the fruits of this lovely and insightful book!”

-Tara Beth Leach, Director of Women’s Ministry, Christ Church of Oak Brook

"Mentor for Life" is a much needed reminder of the call to discipleship, particularly a discipleship that is inclusive of those who have historically been marginalized within the evangelical church. Robinson’s words are at once inspiring and convicting to the gathering of believer we call the church. Inspiring – it is a call to action with clearly laid out steps to help us more fully live into the directive from our Lord to go out into all the world (including around the block) to make disciples. Convicting – it is a mirror that challenges us to look at ourselves and our outreach efforts honestly and conclude that there is much more that we can do. Thank you Natasha for this reminder of what it means to be the church.”

- Rev. Dr. Michelle R. Lloyd-Paige, Executive Associate to the President for Diversity and Inclusion, Calvin College

“I believe in the power of circles of women and Natasha Sistrunk Robinson has created a model of mentoring by which we can grow in intimacy with God as we journey with each other. There is so much hope, growth and freedom possible when we gather in these ways, intentionally, authentically and always with Jesus at the center.”

-Idelette McVicker, founder,


“Thick with Biblical and practical wisdom, "Mentor for Life" will prove to be a helpful resource for those wanting to begin or improve the discipleship initiatives of their local church. But one danger will always remain: will we, as Robinson warns, crowd our lives with lesser things?”

-Jen Pollock Michel, Author, "Teach us to Want"

“The centrality of mentoring for the integrity and impact of Christian witness cannot be overstated. Yet, sadly, there exists a significant void in the life and practice of many evangelical churches at exactly this point. In putting mentoring as an intentional means of discipleship back on the radar, my friend Natasha Robinson has offered pastors and lay leaders alike a tremendous gift, one that I think could help to spark a much needed revolution in the formation of Christian disciples and leaders for God’s mission!”

-JR Rozko, Co-Director, Missio Alliance

“Too often writers piecemeal their approach to outreach and discipleship. Not Natasha Sistrunk Robinson. Among the many powerful chapters in this book, “Connecting evangelism and discipleship” is a standout. She has done the Church a great service by carefully and clearly explaining how growth in Christ, service to the needy and personal mentoring are essential elements in every person's spiritual journey.”

-Bob Whitesel, DMin PhD award-winning author and founding professor of Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University