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Each of these opportunities can be customized to fit your needs.


Leadership/Mentoring Preparation for Work or Ministry

This package is for you if you are...

  • Starting a new career or are in transition
  • Starting a new work or ministry project
  • Need help identifying and training new leaders
  • A team leader or small business owner
  • A small group or ministry leader

This package can include...

  • Free initial consultation (via Phone on video platform)
  • Six 1-on-1 sessions to equip you for leadership or mentoring

  • Clarification of your purpose, mission, and three specific leadership or mentoring goals for the year


ORGANIZATIOnal consulting/development for leadership team

This package is for your team if you...

  • Have a clear vision and are ready to implement that vision
  • Are building, refining, or growing the leadership team
  • Seek to create a safe, diverse, and professional working environment

This package can include...

  • Free initial consultation (via Phone on video platform)
  • Six group sessions to equip your team for leadership and/or mentoring
  • Creating a staff development process and leadership training to fulfill your vision
  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities
  • Project or Program Management Support



This package is for your team if you...

  • Are willing to invest the preparation time and financial commitment
  • Need encouragement or motivation for taking the next step
  • Are in a rut and in need of new perspective and focus
  • Need a planning retreat where their thoughts and ideas can be refined and challenged

This package can include...

  • Free initial consultation (via Phone on video platform)
  • A 2-day weekend community hosted by Natasha where you and your team have a shared learning experience with others who are facing similar leadership or mentoring opportunities
  • This unique experience allows for teaching, Q&A discussion, and peer-to-peer learning, and planning for your group
  • Expanded network and resources
  • Two follow-up coaching calls with Natasha

Other Leadership Training, Seminars, and Products for Consideration:

  • Development of a communication plan and timeline for effective message delivery
  • Customize the Principles: Implementing the 6 Core Commitments of Mentoring for your Context
  • Strategic Plan Development
  • How to Effectively Lead Small Groups and Intentionally Cultivate Learning Communities  
  • Developing a Philosophy of Leadership
  • Individual and Group Leadership Development Plans
  • Managing Conflict
  • Building a Dynamic Team

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