Can We Talk: I Don't See Color
7:30 pm19:30

Can We Talk: I Don't See Color

  • Grace Community Church

This event is the last installment of a five-part series, "Can we Talk? A Conversation about Race and Where we go from here," hosted by the Triad Pastors Alliance in North Carolina.

Natasha will be presenting and participating in the panel discussion.

This event is free and open to the public.  

Find out more about the host site and Natasha's home church: Grace Community Church:

Missio Alliance Awakenings Conference
Apr 29

Missio Alliance Awakenings Conference

  • Alfred Street Baptist Church, 301 South Alfred Street Alexandria, VA 22314 United States

Natasha will be leading a workshop and forum at this event. 

Wings Retreat: Women in Scripture
Apr 9

Wings Retreat: Women in Scripture

  • Ridgecrest Conference Center

WINGS: “Women in God’s Scriptures”

WINGS Retreat is a Christian Retreat Ministry for women.  It is our hearts’ desire and purpose with each retreat to join God in His work of ministry to women, whom He cares for and knows by name, so that they will be equipped to make His name famous in their daily lives.  This is our 9th annual retreat.    

Natasha Sistrunk Robinson, Keynote Speaker

Can Women Lead Men?
7:00 pm19:00

Can Women Lead Men?

  • Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Charlotte

Plan to join us for the fourth “Engage Our Culture” alumni forum. Our topic will be “Can Women Lead Men? A Discussion on Leadership in the Church.” The format of the forum will be a conversation on the role of women in the Church, centering on the two major views—egalitarian (Dr. Ben Witherington) and complementarian (Sharon Mac Wilmshurst).

Other highlights include light refreshments and book tables featuring local alumni authors. We hope you mark your calendar now for this important event.



Evangelicals for Life Conference
Jan 28

Evangelicals for Life Conference

  • JW Marriott

Russell Moore

At first glance, it might look like the Evangelicals For Life conference is just another Christian gathering, talking about contentious cultural issues with an aim to rallying believers to a just cause. While we certainly do hope to encourage and strengthen Christians to stand for life in their communities, Evangelicals For Life represents something much larger than politics–in fact, something eternally larger.

The gospel tells us that human life is of infinite value and importance. Human beings are created in the image of God himself. (Gen. 1:27). Not only that, but human life was joined to God forever in the incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ. That means that human life matters infinitely. And it also means that the demonic powers of hell wage constant war against it. Whether through Pharaoh’s order to cast babies into the Nile, Herod’s jealous genocide against Bethlehem’s infant boys, or the pristine floors and shiny signage of a Planned Parenthood clinic, Satan has always sought to attack human life at its most vulnerable.

The value of human life isn’t just an issue for Congress or activists or ethics professors. It’s an issue for every single Christian and every single local church. The church is the embassy of the Kingdom of Christ, and the Kingdom is where the unborn are prayed over, where the widows are visited, where the orphan is adopted, and where the disabled and the “unwanted” are made heirs with Christ of the universe. The church must speak a prophetic, gospel word to our culture of death. The cause of life is not a liberal vs conservative or red state vs blue state issue. It’s a Kingdom issue, and children of the King must stand up in defense of all human life. Will you join us as we do just that?

REGISTER at the official website:

CRUWinter Conference Minneapolis
Jan 1

CRUWinter Conference Minneapolis

  • Hilton Minneapolis

Cru Winter Conference is a time to join peers who want to explore: life with God, life together, and a life of positive impact.

Because, the four years you are in college are really about setting up the next 40  years (and more) of life.

Because, while college might be the highlight of life thus far, it isn’t meant to be the high point  of the rest of your life.

Natasha is a keynote speaker at this event.

Get more details and register.